Oceanfront residence, Japan

Born in Kobe, Japan and raised in both Tokyo and Vancouver, Peter Powles started his career as a photojournalist in Japan.  Based in Tokyo, he worked for a variety of Japanese publications as well as International Business Week, US News & World Report and the Toronto Globe and Mail.

Following 10 years in journalism, Powles made the transition to commercial photography, focusing on interior design and architecture in the Tokyo market.  He is now based in Vancouver, B.C. where he works with architects and property developers as well as Japanese advertising and publishing companies.

Powles uses his grounding in people-oriented photography to animate his compositions. He stresses that the composition and fusion of elements, as well as the control and understanding of light are the essense of architectural photography.

With an eye for fine detail, Powles works with both digital and large-format film cameras.  He has a profound appreciation for the Sinar 4×5″ camera system as well as Schneider lenses.